Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'Binge tanning' increasing skin cancer in UK women

The number of UK women diagnosed with the most serious form of skin cancer is on the rise according to new figures released by Cancer Research UK.

The numbers show that nearly 350 women were diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2005, up from 220 in 2003. And the numbers are continuing to rise each year, with nearly one woman in her 20s diagnosed with this deadly form of skin cancer each day in the UK at present.

The researcher say that the use of sunbeds all year around and "binge tanning" on holidays were to blame for the spike in young UK woman and that around 50 women under the age of 40 die from melanoma each year.

The experts also warn that rates are likely to continue to rise by the year 2024, when it is expected that it will become the fourth most common cancer in both men and women with upward of 15,500 per year.

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I say bring on the bronzer and throw me my bottle tan...I'm as happy as can be with my skin, thanks very much!

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